Featured Items


  • 1) How much is my item worth and what can you tell me about it.

    If you wish to sell me an item please send a photo to my email account and I will let you know if I am interested.  Alternatively you can bring your items to the new shop located unit 5 22 Cohn street,Carlisle, 6101, WA.  Thanks Geoff  

  • 2) Can I get a valuation

    Insurance quotes $82.50 inc. GST for the first item               each additional item plus $27.50 inc. GST(printable certificate) 

    Verbal valuations $27.50 per item    

  • 3) Do you buy Antiques and collectables

    Yes we buy single items and whole collections.  Please email photo’s and I will respond.

  • 4) Can I pay by Credit card.

    Yes we accept most credit cards.

  • 5) What does Circa mean,

    • This is the approximate date of manufacture, within ten years of estimate.

    Monarch           Date of Reign     Period Appellation

    James I                 1603-1625             Jacobean

    Charles I               1625-1649             Carolean

    Commonwealth      1649-1660             Cromwellian or Commonwealth

    Charles II              1660-1685             Restoration 

    James II                1685-1689             Restoration

    William & Mary        1689-1694             William & Mary

    William III               1694-1702            William III or William & Mary

    Anne                     1702-1714            Queen Anne

    George I                1714-1727            George I early Georgian

    George II               1727-1760            Early Georgian

    George III              1760-1811            Late Georgian

    George III              1811-1820            Regency

    George IV              1820-1830            Regency

    William IV              1830-1837            Late Regency or William IV

    Victoria                 1837-1901              Early Victorian up to 1860 Later Victorian after 1860

    Edward  VII           1901-1910              Edwardian           

    George VI              1910- 1952             Commonwealth 

    Elizabeth II            1952 - to date        Commonwealth   

  • 6) Can I layby an item?

    Yes a 20% deposits will hold the item and the balance can be paid over a negotiated period. 

  • 7) What does "as is" mean

     "As is" means the piece is sold as it stands, it can be taken there and then. 

  • 8) Can I get a piece of furniture partly restored?

    Yes we can partly restore an item of furniture, at an agreed price between our "as is" and "restored" price.


  • 9) How long does restoration take.

    This does depend on our work load, however normally 2 to 3 weeks.

  • 10) How long for interstate delivery

    Normally 2-3 weeks

  • 11) How do you package items to send..

    Yes we take great care, items are usually double boxed, however we always recommend insuring your item.