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At South Perth Antiques we offer restoration as an option on all our furniture as well as undertaking private jobs for our customers. Most pieces will need a key and minor scratch repair as well as a wax, sometimes much more work is required. Usually pieces constructed from walnut, mahogany and rosewood will need to be cleaned, repaired and waxed. However oak, especially very dark oak, is best stripped and re-polished. The exception to this is early oak, which is waxed only, leaving its original finish intact. We constantly restore to a very high standard using traditional techniques. A properly restored piece should look like it has always been kept in very good condition and not look like it has just been through the workshop.  Please look at our restoration examples and contact us if you have any questions. 

Clocks have their cases restored and their movements serviced, so we are able to give them a twelve-month guarantee; springs are not covered by our guarantee. If you experience any running problems simply return it to us for repair. If a clock has not yet been restored/serviced we can sell it to you "as is". In this case no guarantee is offered.

We are suppliers of wax, shellac, oil, wire wool, filling waxes, brushes, stains, pigments, handles, castors, locks etc.

Tuition is also available.